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Siriol Richards - Traditional Costume of Asia and Eastern Europe Traditional Costume of Asia and Eastern Europe
A Selective Bibliography


Girls in Byelorussian folk dress (M. Romanyuk)


Here is a small selection of books from my own collection, focusing primarily on the traditional dress and jewellery traditions of Asia and Eastern Europe. It reflects my particular interest in visual material and, as much as possible, strives to show costume and other aspects of material culture in its natural context, i.e. being worn or used by the peoples of the ethnic groups with which it originated or was intended.

The section on "CHINA,TIBET AND TAIWAN" concentrates in particular on clothing traditions of China's minority peoples, together with Tibetan ornaments and costume, (which I find particularly exciting!) and also Taiwanese aboriginal textiles.

The second section "SOUTHEAST ASIA" focuses on the hilltribes of Thailand, Burma and the Phiippines, with some material on Vietnam.

The section entitled "COSTUMES OF TRIBAL INDIA" has an emphasis on the remote northeast of the county, as this area is little known in the west, and publications with visual material are hard to find.

Lastly the section "EASTERN EUROPE AND WESTERN ASIA" includes ethnic groups whose dress traditions often show an interesting blend of European and Asian elements.

I have made an attempt to include a selection of either rarer or exciting new publications, as I feel this will make the list more interesting and to some extent avoid possible overlap with other sites. I have thus omitted some more easily available standard texts, such as "Peoples of the Golden Triangle", (Lewis) and "The Nagas: hill peoples of northeast India", (Jacobs).

Other publications I have acquired over the years include volumes on Indonesian, Guatemalan, Mexican and African clothing traditions. I am constantly purchasing new material, and aim to add more volumes to this bibliography in the future.

It should be emphasized that NONE OF THE BOOKS ON THIS SITE ARE FOR SALE, but I will try and help as much as possible in locating copies should anyone wish to acquire any of these titles.

Siriol Richards, April 2004.

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